This is a story that is being told to the world. You Can Never Satisfy A Woman. What I mean is a woman has many mood swings, personalities, thoughts and her life. There are broken down into different multiple categories some good, bad or indifferent. When we as couple get into an argument/fight whether verbal or physical do we think, what causes situation and how do we resolve it. Do we know how to compromise and conclude? We know that a compromise will give each person a chance to say what is on his or her mind in a civil way and try to resolve the issue. Not every woman or man will do that because of the heat of the moment. Woman if you are not afraid you will stand up for yourself and feel like they are right. There is no changing of the mind with a woman who feel she is always right and never wrong, most of the time until she must calm down first on most problems then come back to apologize after the matter making an excuse to get away with a charm or secret weapon of a strategy. A woman can be wrong if they jump to conclusions about what a man has to say. Listening is the key. Now when a man is doing everything to keep the relationship/marriage going why is it the woman is ridiculing him about the pass. He is given you the world with everything you want and respecting you. Women when we keep bad thoughts in mind that a man is doing wrong all the time where is the good in him. Our thoughts, moods and personality are what gets women into situation that we have yet resolved from our pass. Women do you agree, do you think before you react because you have in your mind that the man is no good if he did something in the pass and you did not forgive him with as well adding the forget as a testimony praying and doing no it’s your way or no way!! You say forgive but actions speak and show differently. In a woman’s the word FORGET is used as a weapon and a tool not to move forward when she think it is just only because she goes to church, prays, forgives, a good mother, wife, help mate, friend but the thing that is missing is not letting the thoughts go! The FORGET can be silent treatment, bitterness, drama that is silence and open, pain, a seed that she plants in and never water or the man has put in and she uses the BUT never to remove it.

See, there is things that can trigger off a memory off something that happen from the past we all know if the man is doing the same thing repeatedly that’s not right remove him out your life and I agree leave his ass but we he have change for the better and you have told him, and you have not change and added in doing your part really and point of view it’s deeper than I think it’s serious and especially reliant. You must change because that is still your husband.

CHANGE IS CHANGE does it matter what or when or how you get out of it is A BIG CHANGE OF HEART.

You Can Never Satisfy A Woman because they expect many things from men. Women looks for love, affection, understanding, communication, happiness, joy and trust. They look for things. Most women look for the ring and the marriage. Those are the main things a woman wants and still not getting enough of it. There are some women who live off materialistic things, but to be satisfied is what I mention firsts and most women feel they are not getting enough. Women have been hurt by a man and loses trust in them. There are different types of women who is never satisfied because there in a relationship that have the twist and turn, and the man or woman is not doing what she wants them to do. (DEPENDING ON THE WOMAN MATTER OR SITUATION!!)

A woman/woman can say I want a great life with you especially when she needs a person to have her back, uplift them, be there when they need them and show some action. You as woman can give 100% of their mind, body, spirit but will you give that back? Most women consider that as no, because you do not either want to or do not know how to. There are women who keep secrets because they do not wish to tell the story of their past life. They feel it is too painful or bitter to speak about it or they want to bury it forever. A secret can be what happen to you when you were younger or an adult or something she been taking through and took others through. A secret can be held in for so long within you that you will not tell it. As woman/women, you know your boundaries to speak or not to speak depending on the situation or matter as well with reverse psychology. A secret can be something was told to you in confidences good or bad spirits, and it is to remain with you forever and ever. A woman can hold many secrets about herself or others depending on who, what or where.

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